PSAA: The Private Schools Athletic Association

PSAA Boys Varsity Tennis

2016 Final Standings

East Division

Team Matches Wins Losses Pct.
Y - Portledge 10 10 0 1.000
X - Long Island Lutheran 10 5 5 .500
Lawrence Woodmere 10 2 8 .200
Knox School 10 0 10 .000

West Division

Team Matches Wins Losses Pct.
Y - Avenues 11 10 1 .909
X - Columbia Prep 10 7 3 .700
Grace Church 11 6 5 .545
Staten Island Academy 11 4 7 .364
Bay Ridge Prep 9 2 7 .222

Y - Clinched Division Title
X - Clinched Playoff Berth
Format: Home/Away in division and one game vs. opposite division (West: 12 Games; East: 11 Games)
Top 2 teams in each division earn playoff berths
Tiebreaking Procedures

PSAA Boys Varsity Championship Matches

Thursday, May 19 at Portledge School; 4:00PM
Portledge School def. Avenues: The World School; 4-1


Boys Varsity Tennis

Semifinals PSAA Final PSAA Champion
Tue. May 17 Thu. May 19
E1 Portledge School 5-0

at Portledge; 4:00PM Portledge School  4-1
W2 Columbia Prep
  Site: Portledge Portledge School
E2 Long Island Lutheran
Alley Pond Park; 3:00PM Avenues
W1 Avenues 4-1

2016 PSAA Boys Varsity Tennis Schedule

Date Home Opponent Result Location Time
Tue. 3/15/16 Columbia Prep Bay Ridge Prep 4-1 New York Tennis Club 4:00PM
Thu. 3/17/16 Columbia Prep Grace Church 3-2 New York Tennis Club 4:00PM
Tue. 4/5/16 Lawrence Woodmere Knox School 5-0 Lawrence Woodmere 4:15PM
Wed. 4/6/16 Avenues Grace Church 4-1 Riverbank State Park 4:00PM
Wed. 4/6/16 Lawrence Woodmere Columbia Prep 2-3 Lawrence Woodmere 4:15PM
Thu. 4/7/16 Grace Church Bay Ridge Prep Postponed to April 21 4:00PM
Fri. 4/8/16 Columbia Prep Avenues 1-4 New York Tennis Club 4:00PM
Fri. 4/8/16 Staten Island Academy Portledge 0-5 Staten Island Academy 4:30PM
Mon. 4/11/16 Grace Church Columbia Prep 0-4 Astoria Courts 4:00PM
Mon. 4/11/16 Portledge Lawrence Woodmere 4-1 Portledge 4:30PM
Tue. 4/12/16 Bay Ridge Prep Avenues Postponed to April 15 3:30PM
Wed. 4/13/16 Staten Island Academy Grace Church 1-4 Staten Island Academy 4:15PM
Wed. 4/13/16 Lawrence Woodmere Portledge 1-4 Lawrence Woodmere 4:30PM
Thu. 4/14/16 Avenues Lawrence Woodmere 4-1 Alley Pond Park 4:15PM
Thu. 4/14/16 Long Island Lutheran Bay Ridge Prep 3-2 Long Island Lutheran 4:30PM
Fri. 4/15/16 Bay Ridge Prep Avenues Avenues Forfeit Win Kaiser Park 3:30PM
Fri. 4/15/16 Lawrence Woodmere Staten Island Academy 1-4 Lawrence Woodmere 4:15PM
Fri. 4/15/16 Long Island Lutheran Grace Church 2-3 Long Island Lutheran 4:30PM
Sat. 4/16/16 Staten Island Academy Long Island Lutheran 4-1 Portledge 1:30PM
Mon. 4/18/16 Columbia Prep Staten Island Academy 4-1 New York Tennis Club 4:00PM
Mon. 4/18/16 Lawrence Woodmere Long Island Lutheran 0-5 Lawrence Woodmere 4:15PM
Mon. 4/18/16 Knox School Bay Ridge Prep 1-4 Knox School 4:30PM
Tue. 4/19/16 Avenues Bay Ridge Prep 3-2 Alley Pond Park 4:00PM
Tue. 4/19/16 Lawrence Woodmere Grace Church 2-3 Lawrence Woodmere 4:15PM
Wed. 4/20/16 Staten Island Academy Avenues 1-4 Staten Island Academy 4:00PM
Wed. 4/20/16 Knox School Lawrence Woodmere 1-4 Knox School 4:00PM
Wed. 4/20/16 Grace Church Portledge 1-4 West Side Tennis Club 4:30PM
Thu. 4/21/16 Grace Church Bay Ridge Prep 3-2 Kaiser Park 4:00PM
Thu. 4/21/16 Portledge Long Island Lutheran 4-1 Portledge 4:30PM
Mon. 4/25/16 Knox School Grace Church 0-5 Knox School 4:30PM
Tue. 4/26/16 Avenues Staten Island Academy 4-1 Alley Pond Park 4:00PM
Tue. 4/26/16 Columbia Prep Long Island Lutheran 3-2 New York Tennis Club 4:00PM
Tue. 4/26/16 Knox School Portledge Postponed to April 27 4:00PM
Wed. 4/27/16 Staten Island Academy Bay Ridge Prep 2-3 Staten Island Academy 4:00PM
Wed. 4/27/16 Avenues Columbia Prep 5-0 Alley Pond Park 4:00PM
Wed. 4/27/16 Knox School Portledge 1-4 Knox School 4:30PM
Thu. 4/28/16 Long Island Lutheran Knox School 5-0 Long Island Lutheran 4:00PM
Fri. 4/29/16 Knox School Columbia Prep Postponed 4:30PM
Sat. 4/30/16 Knox School Staten Island Academy 0-5 Knox School 12:00PM
Mon. 5/2/16 Grace Church Staten Island Academy 4-1 West Side Tennis Club 4:00PM
Tue. 5/3/16 Avenues Long Island Lutheran Postponed 4:00PM
Tue. 5/3/16 Knox School Portledge Postponed 4:00PM
Wed. 5/4/16 Bay Ridge Prep Staten Island Academy Cancelled 4:00PM
Thu. 5/5/16 Knox School Avenues 0-5 Knox School 4:15PM
Thu. 5/5/16 Staten Island Academy Columbia Prep 3-2 Staten Island Academy 4:15PM
Thu. 5/5/16 Long Island Lutheran Lawrence Woodmere 5-0 Long Island Lutheran 4:15PM
Fri. 5/6/16 Knox School Long Island Lutheran Postponed to May 9 4:00PM
Fri. 5/6/16 Portledge Columbia Prep Postponed to May 13 4:00PM
Mon. 5/9/16 Knox School Long Island Lutheran 0-5 Knox School 4:30PM
Mon. 5/9/16 Grace Church Avenues 0-5 Grace Church 4:00PM
Tue. 5/10/16 Bay Ridge Prep Columbia Prep 2-3 Kaiser Park; Coney Island 4:00PM
Tue. 5/10/16 Portledge Avenues 4-1 Portledge 4:30PM
Wed. 5/11/16 Bay Ridge Prep Portledge 1-4 TBD 4:15PM
Thu. 5/12/16 Long Island Lutheran Portledge 1-4 Long Island Lutheran 4:30PM
Thu. 5/12/16 Knox Portledge 0-5 Long Island Lutheran
Fri. 5/13/16 Avenues Long Island Lutheran TBD 4:00PM
Fri. 5/13/16 Portledge Columbia Prep Postponed Portledge 4:30PM

PSAA Boys Varsity Awards

Coach of the Year: Chris Corby; Portledge School
Eastern Conference Player of the Year: Andrew Nakhajavan; Long Island Lutheran
Western Conference Player of the Year: Spencer Chandlee; Avenues
2016 Playoff Most Valuable Player: Rob Cardali; Long Island Lutheran

2016 All-PSAA Selections:
Portledge School: Ian Bank, Daniel Chang, Alex Vinskey, Kian Ziari
Avenues: The World School: Eli Banchick, Harrison Cuker, Ben Kessler, Matt Levine
Columbia Prep: Ethan Cohen, Alex Freidman, Dylan Kogan
Grace Church: Jorge El Koury, Jacob Wigdor, Preston Wilson
Lawrence Woodmere: Kyle Gower, Jason Hirsch, Zhantu Ryan Zhong
Long Island Lutheran: Blake Brown, Andrew Nakhajavan, Vincent Sze
Bay Ridge Prep: Kaplan Cekiq, Dylan Friedman
­Knox School: Christopher Boivin, Harry Yang
Portledge School: Ian Bank, Daniel Chang, Alex Vinskey, Kian Ziari
Staten Island Academy: Brandon Brofsky, Lawrence Skutelsky