PSAA: The Private Schools Athletic Association

PSAA Boys JV Basketball
2015-2016 Final Standings

East Division

Team Games Wins Losses Pct. Div W-L
Z - Kew-Forest 11 10 1 .909 5-1
X - Lawrence Woodmere 11 9 2 .818 5-1
X - Portledge 11 3 8 .273 2-4
X - Our Savior New American 11 0 11 .000 0-6

West Division

Team Games Wins Losses Pct. Div W-L
Y - Evangel Christian 12 8 4 .667 6-2
X - Avenues 12 8 4 .667 5-3
X - Bay Ridge Prep 12 7 5 .583 5-3
X - Columbia Prep 12 4 7 .333 3-5
Martin Luther 12 3 9 .250 1-7

Y - Clinched Division Title
X - Clinched Playoff Berth
Z - PSAA Playoff Champion
Format: Home/Away in division and one game vs. opposite division (East: 11 games; West: 12 games)
Top 4 teams in each division earn playoff berths
Tiebreaking Procedures

PSAA Boys Junior Varsity Championship Game

Thursday, February 11, 2016; at Long Island Lutheran; 5:30PM
The Kew-Forest School (13-1) 82
Avenues: The World School (10-5) 50

Kew-Forest Stats: Kew-Forest's Playoff MVP Alex Pena (27 points, 11 steals, & 4 assists), Malachi Phillips (22 points & 6 assists), Jonathan Daniels (14 points, 12 rebounds, 6 steals, & 5 assists), Lambert Shell (7 points & 5 rebounds)


Boys Junior Varsity Basketball

Divisional Semifinals Divisional Finals PSAA Championship PSAA JV Champion
Tue. February 9 Wed. February 10 Thu. February 11
E1 Kew-Forest 73-13
at Kew-Forest; 4:30PM Kew-Forest 70-68
E4 Our Savior New American

East Division Final

at Kew-Forest Kew-Forest 82-50
E2 Lawrence Woodmere A. 75-26
at LWA; 4:00PM Lawrence Woodmere
E3 Portledge
@Long Island Lutheran Kew-Forest
W1 Evangel Christian 73-58 5:30PM EST
at Evangel Christian; 4:00PM Evangel Christian
W4 Columbia Prep
West Division Final
at Evangel Christian Avenues
W2 Avenues 46-43
at Avenues School; 4:00PM Avenues 64-50
W3 Bay Ridge Prep

2015-16 PSAA JV Boys Champions: The Kew-Forest School

PSAA Boys Junior Varsity Awards

Coach of the Year: Tim Quinn; Grace Church School
Regular Season Most Valuable Player: Jonathan Daniel; ­The Kew-­Forest School 
2016 Playoff Most Valuable Player: Alex Pena; ­The Kew-­Forest School

2016 All-PSAA Selections:
Ben Agin; ­Avenues The World School
Ryan Hickey; ­Lawrence Woodmere Academy
Greg Nelson; ­Lawrence Woodmere Academy
Malachi Philips; ­The Kew­-Forest School
Jorge Ruiz; ­Evangel Christian School

2016 All-Division Selections:
Avenues:The World School: Malcolm Eley, Jack Scwimmer
Bay Ridge Prep: Malcolm Eley, A.J. Lopez
Columbia Prep: Ethan Cohen, Evan Kong
Evangel Christian Schoool: Jeremiah Cardi, Wilbert Disla
The Kew-Forest School: Alex Pena, Lambert Shell
Lawrence Woodmere: Jalem Ezechiels, Tomar Jackson
Martin Luther School: Andres Buitrago, Andrew Garcia
Our Savior New American: Erik Gu, Franklin Zhi
Portledge School: Sam Pelcher, Jordan Salzman
Solomon Schechter of Long Island:
Waldorf School of Garden City:

2015-2016 PSAA Boys JV Basketball Schedule

Date Home Opponent Result Location/Info Time
Tue. 11/17/15 Kew-Forest Avenues 68-36 Kew-Forest 3:45PM
Fri. 11/20/15 Kew-Forest Lawrence Woodmere 81-70 Kew-Forest 5:30PM
Sat. 11/21/15 Martin Luther Kew-Forest 34-70 Martin Luther 1:30PM
Mon. 11/30/15 Lawrence Woodmere Martin Luther 47-42 Lawrence Woodmere 5:30PM
Tue. 12/1/15 Portledge Columbia Prep 57-47 Portledge 4:30PM
Wed. 12/2/15 Avenues Evangel Christian 42-32 Avenues 4:30PM
Thu. 12/3/15 Kew-Forest Bay Ridge Prep 75-62 Kew-Forest 4:00PM
Thu. 12/3/15 Lawrence Woodmere Our Savior New American 56-7 Lawrence Woodmere 4:00PM
Fri. 12/4/15 Evangel Christian Bay Ridge Prep 65-48 Evangel Christian 4:00PM
Mon. 12/7/15 Kew-Forest Columbia Prep 73-42 Kew-Forest 4:15PM
Mon. 12/7/15 Avenues Our Savior New American 67-5 Avenues 4:30PM
Tue. 12/8/15 Kew-Forest Our Savior New American 97-20 Kew-Forest 4:00PM
Thu. 12/10/15 Martin Luther Columbia Prep 69-49 Martin Luther 4:00PM
Thu. 12/10/15 Lawrence Woodmere Avenues 47-61 Lawrence Woodmere 4:15PM
Mon. 12/14/15 Our Savior New American Kew-Forest 17-77 Kew-Forest 4:30PM
Mon. 12/14/15 Evangel Christian Columbia Prep 68-62 Evangel Christian 4:15PM
Tue. 12/15/15 Martin Luther Our Savior New American 67-10 Martin Luther 3:00PM
Wed. 12/16/15 Portledge Lawrence Woodmere 21-69 Portledge 4:15PM
Thu. 12/17/15 Columbia Prep Bay Ridge Prep 66-63 Columbia Prep 4:00PM
Mon. 12/21/15 Martin Luther Evangel Christian 43-59 Martin Luther 4:00PM
Tue. 1/5/16 Our Savior New American Lawrence Woodmere 8-76 Our Savior New American 4:15PM
Wed. 1/6/16 Avenues Columbia Prep 58-37 Avenues 4:30PM
Wed. 1/6/16 Lawrence Woodmere Evangel Christian 62-32 Lawrence Woodmere 4:00PM
Wed. 1/6/16 Bay Ridge Prep Portledge 52-29 Our Lady of Angels 4:15PM
Thu. 1/7/16 Our Savior New American Portledge 27-59 Our Savior New American TBD
Fri. 1/8/16 Portledge Kew-Forest 45-71 Portledge 4:15PM
Mon. 1/11/16 Bay Ridge Prep Martin Luther 54-38 Our Lady of Angels 4:15PM
Mon. 1/11/16 Portledge Evangel Christian 35-38 Portledge 4:00PM
Tue. 1/12/16 Martin Luther Avenues 44-59 Martin Luther 4:00PM
Tue. 1/12/16 Columbia Prep Evangel Christian 78-101 Columbia Prep 4:15PM
Wed. 1/13/16 Bay Ridge Prep Lawrence Woodmere 48-54 Our Lady of Angels 4:15PM
Thu. 1/14/16 Avenues Bay Ridge Prep 58-51 Avenues 4:00PM
Thu. 1/14/16 Bay Ridge Prep Evangel Christian PPD. Bay Ridge Prep 4:15PM
Thu. 1/14/16 Portledge Martin Luther 47-58 Portledge 4:15PM
Fri. 1/15/16 Lawrence Woodmere Portledge 62-21 Lawrence Woodmere 4:00PM
Fri. 1/15/16 Columbia Prep Our Savior New American 62-14 Columbia Prep 5:30PM
Sat. 1/16/16 Evangel Christian Martin Luther 75-63 Evangel Christian 11:00AM
Tue. 1/19/16 Avenues Martin Luther 44-38 Avenues 4:00PM
Tue. 1/19/16 Our Savior New American Bay Ridge Prep 17-65 Our Savior New American 4:30PM
Thu. 1/21/16 Kew-Forest Evangel Christian 68-58 Kew-Forest 4:00PM
Fri. 1/22/16 Columbia Prep Martin Luther 58-48 Columbia Prep 5:30PM
Mon. 1/25/16 Our Savior New American Evangel Christian PPD. to 2/1 Snow 3:30PM
Mon. 1/25/16 Bay Ridge Prep Avenues 55-53 Our Lady of Angels 4:15PM
Mon. 1/25/16 Lawrence Woodmere Kew-Forest 70-51 Lawrence Woodmere 5:30PM
Tue. 1/26/16 Portledge Our Savior New American OSNA FFT. Portledge TBD
Tue. 1/27/16 Bay Ridge Prep Evangel Christian 51-41 Bay Ridge Prep 4:15PM
Wed. 1/27/16 Lawrence Woodmere Columbia Prep 88-38 Lawrence Woodmere 4:15PM
Thu. 1/28/16 Portledge Avenues 33-22 Portledge 4:15PM
Fri. 1/29/16 Evangel Christian Avenues 57-54 Evangel Christian 4:00PM
Mon. 2/1/16 Our Savior New American Evangel Christian OSNA FFT. Our Savior New American 3:30PM
Tue. 2/2/16 Columbia Prep Avenues 61-57 Columbia Prep 4:00PM
Tue. 2/2/16 Martin Luther Bay Ridge Prep 41-74 Martin Luther 4:00PM
Wed. 2/3/16 Kew-Forest Portledge 83-28 Kew-Forest 4:15PM
Thu. 2/4/16 Columbia Prep Bay Ridge Prep 62-66 Columbia Prep 4:15PM